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School Age Swimming 

Level 1 - Orca (Mon-Fri Afternoons & Sat Morning) 


A class for school age children who need improvement in water confidence, submerging and floating or who have not had previous swimming instruction. Skills such as bubble blowing, front kicking and paddling are essential to learning the early stages of freestyle.


Class Size: 4

Class Duration: 30 minutes

Level 2 - Squirts (Mon-Fri Afternoons & Sat Morning) 


A class for consolidating skills already learnt and preparation for learning stroke coordination and breathing in freestlyle.


Class Size: 4

Class Duration: 30 minutes

Level 3 - Turtles (Mon-Fri Afternoons & Sat Morning) 


Stroke coordination in freestyle and backstroke is the main focus for the turtles with an important introduction to correct breathing position.


Class Size: 4

Class Duration: 30 minutes

Level 4 - Stingrays (Mon-Fri Afternoons & Sat Morning) 


An advanced learn to swim class. New skills of dolphin kick and breast stroke are added to the solid technique base for freestyle and backstroke that our stingrays have now developed.


Class Size: 6

Class Duration: 45 minutes

Mini Squad - Seals (Mon-Fri Afternoons & Sat Morning) 


This squad introduces longer sessions that increase stamina & refines technique. Seals focus on fine tuning their freestyle, backstroke, breastroke and butterfly. There is continued emphasis on streamlining and stroke efficiency.


Class Size: 8

Class Duration: 60 minutes