First Splashes Swim School at Toronto Swim Centre operates 4 terms per year in line with the State School terms.

During the school holidays, intensive Learn to Swim classes and Squad clinics are conducted according to demand.

Aquatots & Superbubs

For children 6 – 36 months of age. These classes build swimming readiness by emphasizing fun in the water. Water entry, front kicking, back floating and underwater exploration are the introductory skills.

Class size: 8 parent & baby teams
Class duration: 30 minutes

Jelly Blubbers – Pre School Age

This level is an important step towards developing early stage freestyle. Skills such as freestyle kick, floating, gliding and paddling are learned.

Class size: 4
Class: 30 minutes

Starfish – Pre School Age

Working toward freestyle arms with refined kicking skills and body position is the new challenge for our Starfish. Once skills are mastered they may progress to Squirts

Class size: 4
Class: 30 minutes

Orca – School Age

A beginners level for school aged children to build water confidence. Skills such as breath control, gliding, kicking and big arms are essential to learning the early stages of freestyle.

Class size: 4
Class: 30 minutes

Squirts – School Age

A class for consolidating skills already learnt and preparation for learning stroke coordination and breathing in freestyle.

Class size: 4
Class: 30 minutes

Turtles – School Age

Stroke coordination in freestyle and backstroke is the main focus. Importance placed on correct breathing position.

Class size: 4
Class: 30 minutes

Stingrays – School Age

New skills of dolphin kick and breaststroke kick are added to the solid technique base for freestyle and backstroke

Class size: 6
Class: 45 minutes

Seals – School Age

Longer sessions to increase stamina and refine technique. Seals focus on fine tuning all four strokes with emphasis on streamlining and stroke efficiency.

Class size: 8
Class: 60 minutes

Dolphins – Squad

Longer sessions developed in the 25m pool to increase strength and refine technique. Stroke technique along with diving, turns and drills are a major focus in Dolphins.

Class size: 10+
Class: 60 minutes

Mini Macs

A fun way to boost your child’s swimming confidence by practicing racing in a relaxed and friendly environment.

Free baby swim classes
Mini Macs


Learn to Swim fees are paid in full per term in advance.

A deposit to the value of 2 lessons is required at the time of initial booking which comes off the Term fees.

The balance of the term fees are due in full 12pm on the Saturday at the end of week 3 of the term. A $25 late payment fee will be incurred on accounts not finalised by this time.

Your child can join the term at any time and fees are pro rata.

Commencing week 8 of each term, deposits will be accepted to hold child’s position in the same class for the upcoming term. The deadline for these deposits are 12pm on the last Saturday of the term.

We make every effort to maintain consistency in class days, times and instructors.

Payment Methods

Cash, Visa & Mastercard, pre-paid gift vouchers, direct deposit, direct debit and Active Kids Vouchers.

We offer a family discount rate for those families who enrol 3 or more children in a term.

If you have extenuating circumstances stopping you from making payment, please contact our reception for consideration.

Make Up Policy

Your child’s spot in a class is reserved specifically for them for the entire term and we are unable to book anyone else into that spot.

Make Ups are allocated if you have notified your child’s absence with a minimum of 2 hours notice. This enables us to make that spot available for other families looking for make-ups.

Where notification is made through the family portal or via email at least 2 hours prior to the class time a make-up class will be added to your account for future use.

​Make-up classes can be redeemed through the family portal and can be booked up to 48 hours before the intended class is to take place.

​Make-up classes are redeemable, where available through the family portal but are in no way refundable or eligible for account credit.

​Make-up classes are only redeemable by current ongoing memberships and can not be used as a substitute for fees in any way.


We would love to hear of any questions or comments you may have regarding our services at First Splashes.

1 Carleton St, Toronto NSW 2283


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