Our pools

Our pools are indoors and heated for comfortable year round swimming and learning.

Indoor heated 25m pool – restricted use of the main pool between 4-6pm Monday-Friday. Pool temperature apporx. 27-29C.

Indoor heated 16m Learn to Swim pool – teaching pool closed to the public during Learn to Swim sessions. Pool temperature approx. 31 – 33C.

Indoor spa/hydrotherapy pool. Children who require rehabilitation for an injury are only permitted to use the hydrotherapy/spa pools if they have a doctor’s or physiotherapist’s certificate. Combined Hydro/spa temperature 33 – 34C.

First Splashes Swim School

Lane availability

All Lake Mac Swim Centres allocate a minimum of one lane for recreational swimming at all times. The number of lanes available for recreational swimming will be dependent on programs and demand on that day and time.

This enables both recreational swimmers, Squad, Learn to Swim and fitness participants to enjoy the facilities.

Please note, we also allow use of our Swim Centres after hours for pre-booked community, organisational and sporting club events. These events may run outside of advertised opening hours. General public access to the pools during these times is not permitted.

Toronto Swim Centre home to the Macquarie Shores Swim Club.

First Splashes Swim School


We would love to hear of any questions or comments you may have regarding our services at First Splashes.

1 Carleton St, Toronto NSW 2283


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